Workshops & Consults


Writing the Short Film

A half day course designed to equip those new to writing short films. Topics covered include the role of the short film, what makes a great short and mistakes to avoid.


An Introduction to Screenwriting

A 12 hour course covering all the basics you need to get started- It covers: Writing the Short Film, Genre, the log line, an in depth look at the Hero’s Journey, creating memorable Protagonists and Antagonists, and includes lots of popular film examples, writing exercises and more.


This half day course aims to give writers a better understanding of the screenwriter’s relationship to Genre. It covers the role of film genre for both the writer and audience, and provides the new writer with clear insights into why harnessing Genre can be a great thing.

Character- Creating Memorable Screen Characters

What makes a great screen character? Why do we remember some and not others? How do we create character?  This one day course will stimulate you with ideas and exercises if you already have a character or need one. We look at how story can come from character, the protagonist and antagonist dynamic and ways in which we find and develop characters.

Writing the Feature Film

This one day course will teach you the essentials if you are about to begin the screenwriting journey. It covers structure, The Hero’s Journey, dramatic premise and how to format a screenplay.


The Writing Process- From Premise to Final Draft

We all write differently, but we want the same result- we want our story to be the best possible version it can be. This one day course examines how we write, the hurdles to writing and how to overcome them. Re-writing is the most important part of the writing process, and yet is often feared. We will identify individual preferences and problems and you will leave with a better understanding of the kind of writer you are.

Bespoke workshops can be tailored to your own specific needs. Please discuss your area of interest with Maria for further information.

Prices available on request