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‘Copy’ is any written material which is used for promotion, selling or marketing.


Copy Writing

If you need words to tell people about your business or product, we can write them. Whether you’re working on a brochure, leaflet, website or even a speech; we can help you get your message across. From short copy, to longer content; we love words, and we love writing copy. If you’re stuck, we can even help you with ideas. We’ll get to know your business, and we’ll tell its story with simple, engaging language.

Copy Editing

If you’ve already written copy, and want guidance on how to make it better, then we can edit. We know how to make good copy great; we’ll check consistencies, style, spelling and facts. We can even make suggestions on structure and content. Think of us as the copy doctor. We’ll make your words a little bit healthier and ready to run.

Proof Reading

We know that you probably don’t have time to check your spellings, typos and grammar. It’s the tedious bit of the creative process, but not for us! We love spotting mistakes, and we’ll go over your content with a fine- tooth comb. We’ll provide feedback, corrections and notes. We’re that second pair of well trained eyes. This part is the final polish, and your words will be buffed till they shine.

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